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  1. Hi Anton! Good to see you back and blogging! You are a great source of inairpstion to me and I’ve loved reading your posts and living vicariously through your running exploits. Take the time and heal up well. Good luck with whichever treatment options you choose, it sounds like you’ve been receiving lots of good advice on what to do. You have a long and fruitful running career ahead of you, I’m sure. I wish I could spend the summer in Leadville!

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  4. Ouh là, un zeste de « North By Northwest » sans le navion, une pincée de  » Simple mortel », un soupçon de Pierre Richard et de Victor Lanoux dans « La Carapate » croisés avec les soeurs Ingalls, le tout accompagné d’ un air à la « The Divine Comedy »… ça promet d’être glandiose !

  5. Thanks for the follow-up comment. It is a pedestal table, and I am thinking of putting a floor length table cloth on it to lighten it up, if it fits in the space scale and height-wise. I will definitely keep you posted! Thanks again.jbhat

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  8. Scusa Vincenzo mi sono perso la 5a puntata dedicata al Benin, ma sul sito non la trovo! La metterete oppure no? Ho visto c’è già la 6a tappa.. Per favore aiutami, il mio prossimo viaggio vorrebbe essere proprio lì nella patria del vudù! Grazie

  9. Dear Candace,Back atcha.Dear Muser,If I forget a dose of my Prozac, I can feel it’s effects as well. Amazing how the body works – what the nervous system habituates to, etc. Kudos to you for not having any bad experiences lowering or coming off meds. Please come back and visit again.Dear Intelligent,You are a smarty. You worded it so well.Dear S’Onnie,Thanks for sharing your personal story about this. And I’ll be thinking of you during the Christmas holiday. Peace, my friend.~Deb

  10. Amigo Solano:Antes de relatar el programa de Tv de Chávez habría que relatar las mentiras dichas al periodismo colombiano y al mundo por parte del Presidente Uribe para encubrir la violación del territorio ecuatoriano.… después, si, si, a analizar si se habló de más, de menos….Saludos a todos por allá!

  11. Well an upgrade in the 4 & 5 starters helps… Demp & Garza not getting off to terrible starts helps, better defense helps, Marmol not blowing every other save helps, a big signing like Fielder could help.. there’s a lot of ways to see the overall record improve next year.. keep in mind, we have the worst stats out of the #4 & 5 starters in baseball.. upgrading to average pitchers would add 5-10 wins by itself.

  12. Muito legal essa idéia de homenagiar a cidade. Conheço São Bento pois tenho primos aí, todo ano ia passar férias.Adoraria morar em São Bento, se tiver emprego de corretor de imóveis vou imediatamente, senão qdo me aposentar quem sabe…Um sonho de Cidade…

  13. No justice in the United States any more. Either that was Malihi's plan all along or someone got to him. Obama is an unlawful dictator now. It will take a full fledged revolt to correct this injustice. Any moron with half a brain can see that he is a fraud.

  14. show every since it aired! My daughter was born the same year it aired, so I was always watching this while staying at home. I love it so much because of everyone’s facial expressions when they find out their on the show & because I’ve learned so much through the years from watching. I would love to be in that cab! Ben is so funny disquising his voice.

  15. Glee è il mio nuovo amore e sta pian piano trovando posto accanto a HIMYM e a Dollhouse per quanto riguarda le serie di cui non posso fare a meno.D’accordo su tutto, ma prova a dare una possibilità al nuovo Melrose Place. E’ splendido!Ciao,Lore

  16. Terrific post, Lisa! One of the things I love about being in a critique group is that my crit partners reveal instances when I haven’t been clear enough. They also help me address passages where I haven’t given enough explanation, or when I’m beating the reader over the head with it. All of which has vastly improved the story.While we certainly can’t accept every piece of advice offered, if we don’t learn to evaluate criticism objectively we will miss out on valuable opportunities to improve our work and ability as storytellers.Roxanne´s last blog post ..Like? 0

  17. A quand une bonne session ou tu vas nous annoncer un +3 caves, merde alors !Crois-tu que mixer NLHE et PLO soit une bonne idée ? Surtout en multi-tabling comme tu le fais. Sérieusement moi j'essayerais de cibler ou PLO ou NLHE et je suis presque persuadé que ça irais mieux.

  18. Three reasons for the increase:ImmigrationPolitical correctness (The perpertrator, not the crime victim, is the one allowed tolerance, forgiveness, and “understanding” and turned back onto the streets.)Parents’ failure to civilize their children.Same as in the US.The basic problem is the sheer stupidity behind political correctness and the failure of any remaining citizens with common sense to refuse to go along with it.

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  20. Thank You Monsanto! This is your legacy! Children of the Apocalypse – Vietnam The US army dumped Agent Orange on a third of Vietnam during the war. Fifty years on there are 800,000 third generation victims of the spray – will the chain of suffering never end?a viewer comment:American hypocrisy at it best, invading Iraq over alleged chemical weapons , nuking Japan for greater good.That disgust me.

  21. oggi mi è arrivato il pacchetto di styler proof…apro e trovo quella bellissima confezione rosa e mi accorgo che è il profumo che volevo prendere in aeroporto una settimana fa…contentissima di aver partecipato a questa iniziativa…ma non sarà troppo????mi piace moltissimo dolce,fresco e delicato…grazie style!

  22. Marc — 12/07/2010, 10:53 Tu as oublié un point essentiel, c’est l’optimisation de l’OS qui devrait faire d’Android le système d’exploitation mobile le plus performant. Il devrait aussi mieux gérer l’énergie et donc faire économiser la batterie et ça c’est une vraie nouveauté !

  23. Wow that looks soo delicious! God I wanted a roast chicken too but we dont have a turbo broiler. Can I use over to roast chicken? Will it still be the same? Anyway, I will be making Braised Pork in Tangy Sauce tonight for my hubby. Here's how it looks Braised Pork in Tangy Sauce

  24. Mikeb302000: Anyone here make death threats against you yet?No one is going to send a bullet your way unless you initiate some form of force that no amount of restitution can fix.Want to be safe from us nasty libertarians? It's easy … don't physically initiate a first attack upon any of us, or have an agent do it for you.If you don't strike us, we are absolutely harmless. If you do throw the first blow, ghod help you.

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  26. I agree, there is too much emphasis on the agressive pursuit of money. Although I run a tight ship business wise I have always tried to be sympathetic to whatever else might be going on in a client’s life. They know I’m always here if they need to offload and I don’t charge them for the privilege!

  27. that is such a beautiful harvest from your garden,, beautiful,,thats really unusual nail polish technique,, i have seen quite a bit of this lately,, I had no idea one could do this at home.I’m thinking Henny was just over the moon to see you,,

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  30. Typické. Žideka na nich!:)A to sa koľkokrát zabavím, keď čítam jedlá pre vegetariánov. Šunkou a kuracím mäsom sa to tam len tak hemží, zvyšok je vysmážaný syr, vysmážané šampiňóny a vysmážaný karfiol alebo brokolica.A že prečo Taliani nie sú obézni zo svojej kuchyne a my áno, keď jeme tú ich kuchyňu:)

  31. I’ve seen the official website and it seems like a very nice game. Maybe those jerks in the game are really nice guys in real life though. According to the website, most people let their alter egos loose in the game. Its a place where they can be someone else, albeit jerks.

  32. L’enceinte cyclopéenne l’est elle des Å“uvres d’Ulysse? Est ce son pieu qui impressionne tant les badauds qu’il est mitraillé de photographies. Je ne suis pas sur de ma mémoire, mais je crois me souvenir que le rusé Ulysse récupéra la devise de Paris: « Fluctuat sed verge est dure »J’ai bien aimé votre phrase d’hier «  la mer, indifférente, poursuit son va et viens, sans limitation de durée » Elle m’a trottée dans la tête, toute la journée.

  33. Dans 10 ans ou peut être même 5, le peuple français se prononcera majoritairement pour l’exploitation intensive des gaz de schiste. Pourquoi parce qu’ils n’auront ont pas envie de se cailler en hiver avec de l’énergie importée à des coûts prohibitifs.

  34. Artest was unselfish all right – he was also very inefficient offensively. Unlike Harris or Ellis, he can compensate for that with suffocating D. It’s not enough to be ‘unselfish’, you have to be able to hit the outside shot well enough to play off Kobe and Pau. Harris and Ellis would be square pegs in triangular holes. Williams would be the best fit, but again, none of these players are even on the Lakers’ radar. So really, what is the point of harping on this when Fisher and Blake are set as the PG combo for the near future? There is none, unless you have a not-so-hidden agenda.

  35. The thing about point of view is that we make choices: should we compliment for giving to charity or should we be critical because of affiliation?Hey, why not take a poll (what party do you support) of the caregivers of the children to see if we can tell a story about that.The ability to focus of small things is so much more rewarding than having to concern ourselves with the quality of life for children. No reason to talk about that.

  36. – Hey Lynds. I’m totally and completely in shock over this. I can’t believe that people would pose to be clients. What nerve!! And…steal your stuff and who you are…I really don’t get it. Especially people in your own town…they really didn’t think you would find out?? Okay, enough of that! You have handled this with grace and dignity and deserve to hold your head up high. I’m sorry you have to go through all this!!Big hugs, and know you have lots and lots of support.Love ya…HeatherMay 31, 2009 – 2:47 pm

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  38. “Eppure in quel tempo c’erano solo dinastie regnanti, borghesia e plebe.”ricordo che “quel tempo” è l’inizio del XX secolo e quindi codesta affermazione è fattualmente falsa, anche se utile ai fini polemici del nespolone.Francesco un pochino innervosito

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  40. I almost forgot to mention my eye-bugging shock at one scene in particular in “The Thing;” early on, when the dame in the tight-fitting sweater is feeding shots (and wiping the dribble off his chin with her thumb) to the captain, who sits backwards on the swivel chair with his legs spread apart and his hands tied behind his back. OMG!! That scene was so deliciously deviant on so many levels — talk about gender role reversals!! How in heaven’s name did it get past the censors?

  41. Many people were surprised to see such a strong critique of charters from a Walton-funded study. That’s what gave the 2009 CREDO study its cache. I like Macke Raymond and I know she stands behind those findings. She told me so. Nonetheless, it is always important when comparing charters and public schools to know if the same students are enrolled in both. When they are not, then it is a comparison of apples and oranges.

  42. Effectivement, tu peux être invité par les organisateurs ou recommandé. Il y a tous types de personnes (peu importe les salaires en fait….) Mais à faire c’est sympa, on ne connaît le lieu qu’à la dernière minute et si tu te trouves auprès de personnes qui jouent le jeu, tu peux vraiment passer une excellente soirée !

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  50. Soberbio, como siempre!!!Rescato el "mea culpa" del Ministro de Desplanificación y en breve "procesado múltiple" Julio De Vido. La desesperación por la re re re es porque sin "Esha" se les acaba el curro a todos. Por suerte nos despertamos y espero que dejemos de votar con la promesa del LCD en cuotas a dos añosSaludos!!!

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  52. De resto… eu que não percebo nada de economia, percebo o seguinte: a economia tradicional, mete escola, tira escola, não explica nada. De nada.Quem quer respostas para o que se tem passado e vai continuar a passar, faz melhor em estudar neurociência e inevitavelmente economia comportamental (que basicamente acaba por ser um ramo da neurociência)… ou seja, como já disseram (Zazie também claro), é a natureza humana… — JRF

  53. True Story: When Chik-Fil-A first popped up at the mall in Lafayette, my mom just assumed it was pronounced “Chik-Fil-Uh” and wondered why the owners had picked such a stupid name.I mean yeah, the name is still pretty stupid even if you pronounce it the way they intend for you too. I just can’t help calling it Chik-Fil-Uh now.